Seeds used to flavor Benham's Gin concoctions
Image of a lemon used to flavor Benham's Inventive Concoctions
Mint used in Benham's Gin Concoctions
Star anise used to flavor D. Benham's Gin concoctions
Chamomile flowers used to flavor Benham's Gin
D. George Benham's Unnecessarily Refreshing Gin and Sonic

D. George Benham’s
Unnecessarily Refreshing
Gin and Sonic

2 oz soda water and 2 oz tonic

Add gin to a bowl shaped glass or goblet. Fill glass with ice, top with tonic water and add a pinch of coriander, two cardamom pods and one star anise. Garnish with a sprig of fresh spearmint and a lime wheel.

Lime tree image for D. George Benham's Gin
Another seeds image used for Benham's Inventive Concoctions
Leaf image to bring as much life to D. George Benham's site as it does to his concoctions!
D. George Benham's Spectacularly Palatable Gin Martini
Mint garnish to be used with Benham's Gin cocktails

D. George Benham’s
Spectacularly Palatable
Gin Martini

2 ½ oz. Benham’s Gin

Add gin to a mixing glass. Fill glass with ice and stir gently for 20 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist and a grape sliced in half.