D. George Benham’s

Micro-column Still

Flummoxed by the muddled taste that comes from distilling different botanicals together, D. George Benham invented fractional vapor distilling, individually distilling each ingredient in his continuous micro-column still, so the fragrant oils and perfumes of each aromatic could truly sing. Like a virtuoso pipe organist, D, George Benham treats each flavor note like a musical note. When played together, they create a veritable symphony of flavor!

D. George Benham’s


How to capture the delicious essence of Graton, California, home of D. George Benham? The answer lies in the zest of local citrus: the extraordinary Meyer Lemon and ancient Buddha’s Hand. Attaching a set of hand-graters onto his motor-scooter, Benham drives through fields of citrus, grating rinds along the way. Many hands make for delicious work!